The government has extended the lock down in the Netherlands to February 9, and says all foreign travel should be avoided up to the end of March. Here’s what you need to know Education Secondary schools, colleges and universities will continue with online education until February 9, although the exceptions for practical lessons and pupils in exam years will continue. Schools will also continue to offer support to vulnerable pupils. However, pupils attending secondary school will now have to keep 1.5 metres from their fellow pupils. Primary schools and daycare centres remain closed to all but the children of essential workers, but the government is looking into the option of reopening them on January 25. That advice will be based on research into the role of children in spreading the British variant of the virus. Travel The government is advising against all foreign travel up to and including March, unless there is a very compelling work or family reason.

Groups The government continues to ‘strongly recommend’ no more than two guests over the age of 13 at home in any 24 hour period. The high street All shops and high street operations considered to be non-essential remain closed but there will be extra help for companies hard hit by the closure. Contact professions Doctors, opticians, physiotherapists midwives, dentists, vets and blood bank staff can keep working. Massage parlours, sex workers, hairdressers and nail studios must remain shut. Places of worship Churches, mosques and synagogues remain open and the maximum size of a funeral remains 100. Sport and culture Plans to experiment with supporters at four sports and cultural events have been postponed. Museums, theatres, amusement parks and zoos remain closed. Gyms and swimming pools remain shut. Adults can take part in sports outdoors, as long as no more than two people are involved and that they keep 1.5 metres distance. Children under the age of 18 can continue to train as a team or play inter-club matches. But clubhouses and changing rooms remain closed.

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