Rescue Volunteers, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), committed to supporting families and communities against Covid-19, has donated 2,100 pieces of nose masks to traders at the Kpone Market, in Accra.

The masks were distributed at a Covid-19 Community Project named, “Mask Up”, organised in partnership with the Centre for National Culture, under the auspices of the National Commission on Culture.

Country Coordinator, Rescue Volunteers, Lydia Tsotsoo Odai-Tettey said the Volunteers also distributed 250 pocket sized hand sanitizers to promote hand hygiene among traders.

She said the physical exchange of money was one of the ways through, which the virus could be transferred and that they should sanitize their hands after serving customers or using money.

The Country Director asked the traders to treat everyone as a potential carrier of the virus and that failure to adhere to the protocols could result in increasing cases of infection.

“When you get home from the market, make time to wash and sanitize all items before entering your house, this will prevent transfer of the virus to your family and neighbors,” she advised.
Health Promotion Officer in the Kpone Katamanso District of the Ghana Health Service, Gifty Akomanyi said the virus was real and should not be taken for granted and stressed the need for open surfaces like office door handles and entrance of commercial vehicles to be regularly disinfected.

She cautioned against stigmatisation, saying, “people, have died due to stigmatisation,” and that it was safe to approach and help infected persons, when one had a nose mask properly fitted with hands washed with soap.

The Kpone Market Queen, Christiana Abladey expressed appreciation to the Centre and the partners for the gesture, adding that they were now aware Covid-19 was real.

“This has made us know that the virus is real, we will ensure that all traders in the market receive their share,” she assured.
Source: MyJoyOnline



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