Death Trap on Jasikan and Hohoe Roads ( video )

Residents in Jasikan, Hohoe and its environs in the Volta Region are worried by what they describe as the ‘neglect’ of the Eastern corridor road by government, following fruitless assurances for the construction of the roads, TrueAfrik Channel reveals.

According to residents in Jasikan and Hohoe, several promises made by the past ruling party National Democratic Congress (NDC) government concerning the construction of deplorable Eastern Corridor road have failed to see the light of day.

The main road according to residents has more than five links to some of the regions in the country meanwhile due to it short in distance majority of trucks from Burkina Faso, Niger and the Northern part of Ghana used that part of the road than the Tamela- Kumasi stretch.
The bad state of the road has seen both towns authorities lamented, that business activities in the area have also been brought to an abrupt end, while some business entities have withdrawn their investments due to lack of assessable roads.

Nearly every aspect of life in the predominantly cocoa-farming and timber producing towns (Jasikan, SantroKofi, Akpafu, Likpe, Lolobi and Hohoe), TrueAfrik Channel gathered, has been impacted negatively by the road situation.

For instance, during a recent visit to the area, TrueAfrik Channel observed that road networks linking to the said mention towns were all in deplorable state.

The situation, some passengers traveling from Hohoe to Nkwanta descried, gets even worse when it rains, due to absence of drainage systems.
Upon reaching SantroKofi a stretch from Hohoe all activities came to standstill where the worst happen, truck where stack blocking the road vehicular movement cease.

A long truck carrying timber perhaps from Kadjebi would not manage the bad nature of the road at SankroKofi leading the truck to an accident which further blocks the entire road.

TrueAfrik Channel in an interview with one truck driver, Abdulai Osman stress that the road especially from Jasikan to Hohoe is nothing to writing home about and further observed that trucks had gotten stuck in one of the deep gullies on the road

Drivers of these trucks have to rent the service of tractors to pull them out of the stucking points and these extra services according to them cost.

He added that during NDC administration the road the (Eastern Corridor Road) was seen under construction, now you would see for yourself all construction activities has come to standstill change of government, he said.

For instance our car it took the intervention of some youth in the area to assist the driver before he the [drive] was able to remove our vehicle.

Residents are appealing to the government to come to their acid because most foodstuffs are rotting due to lack of easy roads.
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