Jerry John Rawlings
Jerry John Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has added his voice to other concerned people around the globe to condemn the alleged slave trade of black Africans in Libya.

The former President said it was worrying that black Africans were being subjected to inhuman treatments in Libya, such as being sold as slaves by their own African Libyan brothers.

It has come to light that hundreds of Africans are being auctioned in modern-day slave markets in Libya at $400 per person.

Libya is the main transit hub for illegal immigrants and refugees seeking to reach Europe.

But Mr Rawlings in a post on Facebook titled “In support of our brothers in Libya” said both the black and white Africans are the same before the eyes of Allah and needed to be treated equally.

He paid a glowing tribute to Libya’s assassinated leader, Muammar Gaddafi for treating blacks equally as the whites during his tenure.

According to him, “blacks were treated as equals in Libya than in most Arab countries” during Muammar Gaddafi’s time as president of Libya.

Mr Rawlings has, therefore, called on Libyans who are part of the slave trade to desist from the practice and “show a little more compassion to our vulnerable black African brothers and sisters”.

He, however, said the current development in Libya “may no doubt serve as a deterrent to the use of Libya as a gateway to Europe”.



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