Ghana beyond aid must work in 2018

Togbe Afede XIVTogbe Afede XIV
Togbe Afede XIV
Togbe Afede XIV

Togbe Afede XIV, President of the National House of Chiefs and Agbogbomefia of Asogli has charged the citizenry to “unite behind the vision of Ghana beyond aid” to confront challenges of the country in 2018.

He said Ghana’s slow economic growth rate, mass unemployment and inadequate supply of basic social amenities were due to over-dependence on other countries and said it was time “every person in Ghana” supported government’s vision irrespective of political affiliation to “maximize the welfare and happiness” of all.

Togbe Afede said this in a New Year message through the Ghana News Agency (GNA) after holding a “Boxing Day” party for over 1,300 children from the Asogli State in his House in Ho.

He said “resources needed to develop our country are right here, waiting to be mobilized” and that what was needed was the desire to do things differently, and “make it unnecessary for the youth to embark on hazardous journeys across deserts and rough seas in search of greener pastures”.

Togbe Afede said the country should be inspired by the bold vision that created Dubai out of a desert and asked the citizenry to dream big and eschew mediocrity.

He also cautioned against “snail-paced development”, which he said would “keep us backwards”.

Togbe Afede called for hard work and planning and chastised public officials responsible for planning and execution who allegedly spent work hours pursuing degrees, others travelling unnecessarily, slowing the country’s productivity.

“This does not ensure that plan targets are met. Let’s all accept that sustainable development will only result from hard work – no shortcuts,” he added.

Togbe Afede also called for investment in education, infrastructure, especially roads, railways and power to open up the country for rapid socio-economic development.

He asked government to liberate the private sector to reduce burden on government, reduce national debt and minimize corruption.

Togbe Afede also asked the populace to “eschew selfishness, greed and corruption, and show true love for our country, and for one another. Let us be happy to see our compatriots succeed. We need to understand that altruism is the best form of egoism – thus, selflessness is the best form of selfishness”.

Source: GNA



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