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yvonne nelson
yvonne nelson

A former Presidential Staffer has come to the defence of Yvonne Nelson saying the actress should be allowed to live her life as she pleases.
James Agyenim-Boateng believes that the attacks on the actress following her pregnancy and delivery are unfair.
Yvonne Nelson has been criticised and attacked by many after reports emerged earlier this year that she was pregnant.
The actress, who had consistently denied that she was pregnant, gave birth to a baby girl about three weeks ago.
Defending Yvonne Nelson, Mr Agyenim-Boateng posted on Facebook that people should “respect her decision and her choice”.
According to the Presidential Staffer under the erstwhile John Dramani Mahama administration, the actress is not obliged to live her life to suit anyone.

Mr Agyenim-Boateng
Mr Agyenim-Boateng

I’ve seen many people trying to live Yvonne Nelson’s life for her on Facebook. She’s never been my favourite girl; I don’t dislike her though. But people have got to respect her decision and her choice. After all, it wouldn’t put food on anyone’s table if she made her decision/ choice the way you’d have made it.
Yvonne Nelson isn’t obliged to live her life like your mother, auntie, sister or friend does (or did). She’s not obliged to live her life like her mom does or did. She’s not obliged to live her life like your “Osofo Maame” does. She’s not obliged to live her life like the so-called Christian sisters do (or don’t). She’s not obliged to live her life like the pretentious “good girl” next door. She’s got a life to live and she ought to be allowed to live her life. After all, making her decision your way won’t change the problems confronting your immediate family, free SHS nor GH at large.
This is not a justification for Ms Nelson’s choice/ decision. It is not up to me to justify nor judge her decision. That’s none of my business. I don’t particularly mind if you take this for a justification though. But this is a total and complete defence of her right to choose. She’s made a decision\ choice and that must be respected.
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