Friday 29 September 2023
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Sex education has been one of most difficult practice in most African homes, better still we can still say sex education has been a taboo in most African home and societies.

Most African parents have the notion that introducing sex education to the young growing kids is kind of too huge a topic for the kids to understand.

Also, most African parents see sex education as something not discussed to their kids at their young age to make them stay away from it.

In this era of modernization, sex education is one of the most important topics to be discussed in our homes more to help the growing kids understand what it means to have “sex”. Most African parents have made their kids to believe from infancy that sex is something one should be scared off; so most ladies grow up with this mentality which latter affects their present marriages.

A good question to ask is;

*At what age should sex education be discussed at home?

*And is it necessary to discuss sex with children?

“The study authors recommend that sex education programs should be refocused to target kids who are at the very beginning of puberty, when they’re most receptive to messages that could shape their future attitudes toward sex. “If programs are implemented at a time when adolescents are still malleable and relatively free of sexual and reproductive health problems and gender role biases, very young adolescents can be guided safely through this life stage, supported by their parents, families and communities”

Source: “Shuttersstock”

Sex education should be best introduced to kids starting from age 10-12 when their getting to understand things.

Sex education is important to be disused at home for the following reasons;

*Sex education helps to reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies in the country. Most African countries have higher records of unwanted pregnancies; as a result of this, it drags the productivity of the nation backwards since these kids are our future leaders someday.

* It helps the kids to understand what it means to get pregnant at a younger stage/age.

*It will help reduce the rate at which kids abort babies in the country.

Sex education is important and should be encouraged in our homes.

Written by:Black-Ice.



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