Libyan returnees will become armed robbers if integration fails

An international relations expert has said that the 127 Libyan returnees would become security threats to the country if the government fails to integrate them well into society.

The 127 persons of Ghanaian origin who were detained in Libya for illegal migration arrived in Ghana after government facilitated their release from the Libyan authorities.

The returnees landed at the Kotoka International Airport by two flights, Air Libya and Afriqiyah among them was a woman, a physically challenged man, and children.

They were met by government officials and officials from the international organisation who stood by to give them food and water.

Their arrival has fueled the discussion about how blacks are treated in the North African country with many talking about a kind of slave trade which is ongoing in the country.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen Thursday, Dr Joseph Kingsley Adjei said the returnees will become a nuisance to society if they are not fully integrated into society.

“Government should counsel them and rehabilitate them well and find seed money for them to start life…they need proper rehabilitation, proper tooling; failure to do that would prompt them to join armed robbery groups, become prostitutes and engage in all forms of social vices…,”he said.

The security expert further warned that the country should be prepared to see a sharp rise in crime in the country is the rehabilitation process fails.
“We don’t know the kind of debriefing that they received upon arrival in Ghana but more of this must be done as we do not know the kind of orientation they might have gone through in Libya…,” he added.

Dr Joseph Kingsley Adjei further proposed that the government works to provide jobs for the teeming abandoned youth and the returnees as well.



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