Mourners Suffer Deadly Gun Attack; One Injured

Four mourners Friday escaped death by the skin of their teeth after being attacked by alleged Fulani herdsmen at Suminakese whilst onboard a taxi to a funeral in the Kwahu East District in the Eastern region.

Narrating the incident to EIB’s Ebenezer Kojo Nyavor, the Assemblyman for the Hweehwee Electoral Area, Solomon Aboagye said the police had been informed of the ghastly attack and it is being investigated.

The alleged attackers, according to sources were two Fulani herdsmen.
One of the victims—the driver—of the taxi cab told Kojo-Nyavor their alleged attackers ambushed them, firing continuously at the car. He suffered a deep gush on the head in the process. He is currently on admission at a hospital in the area.

“I was from Suminakese, the road is bad so I slowed down all of a sudden, I saw one Fulani herdsman wielding gun asking me to stop, he clogged the gun, then another one also appeared from the bush pointing the gun on me.

“So I accelerated and he attempted to shoot me but missed, however, the bullet hit the windscreen which splashed on my face and head but I managed to escape with the passengers onboard while injured by the broken glasses,” he narrated.



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