‘We know that entrepreneurs are having a hard time’

Alderman Victor Everhardt
Alderman Victor Everhardt
Alderman Victor Everhardt
Alderman Victor Everhardt

Alderman Victor Everhardt (Finance) says that in the coming weeks, the rent that entrepreneurs pay for the municipal buildings they use will be ‘carefully’ examined.

The municipality rents out about 1,500 properties, many of which are to entrepreneurs. They have often been hit hard by the corona crisis, but the municipality has not or hardly waived any rent. Entrepreneurs who asked for it were told that payment could be postponed. Yesterday Everhardt announced that rent discount is now being considered.
We had hoped that after Christmas we would have a different picture. That is not the case at the moment. So we’re going to look at it carefully again, ‘Everhardt told AT5 today. He also ‘looks’ at the previous offer to postpone the rent payment. ‘We are open to providing good support.’

Entrepreneurs and political parties have been asking for a waiver or lowering of the rent for months. Last week, the judge ruled that a café owner in The Hague only has to pay half the rent during the lockdown. Amsterdam catering entrepreneurs want that statement used to also get rental discounts. Everhardt says the municipality is still studying the ruling.
“I understand that the entrepreneurs are having a hard time,” says Everhardt. ‘We know that and it is indeed a very difficult situation they are in. We have said, in our role as landlord, we also do other things like the municipality of Amsterdam, of course, we want to support them with customization. So come by and we will look for solutions. ‘

Everhardt expects the city council to provide more information at the end of February.



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